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100 % Natural Products

We’ve preserved our heritage of making attars using traditional hydro-distillation method.

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Our blend is made using the
Traditional Attar -Making Process

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Why choose us?

  • When you choose us, you'll feel the benefit of over a decade years' experience of us in the perfume industry. 

  • Our ultimate goal is to provide you with products that exceed your expectations, which translates into the ability to listen and innovate.

  • We understand the value of time and ensure that our products are delivered to you without any unnecessary delay.

  • Purity of our products will never be questionable to you, we provide the highest quality control standards for our customers.

  • If you prioritize good work, exceptional service, and a long-term relationship, then we are the brand for you.


"Both the Rose and Lavender attar smell exactly like real flowers....WONDERFUL! High quality products, professional labeling and secure packaging from Aditya Arochem.

AWESOME SELLER and I will definitely come back for more of their products! Thank you!"

Deepak Malhotra | Mumbai, Maharashtra

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